Read my mail

“Hi Suzi, I thought you’d like to know you have a double. She is a dancer on the Sydney Showboat called Melanie. As you know the entire office was up in Sydney on the weekend and we went on the Showboat to celebrate one of the girls birthday. The food was quite reasonable but the show was an anachronistic affair. Dancers wearing next to nothing (actually next to plenty) gyrating to poorly amplified music and an old magician doing smoking tricks. It began with a blaze of light and sound with 4 dancers then the lead dancer appeared, Melanie. She was, of course, absolutely built and could do that ballerina thing, you know, bend her hip up until her ankle was behind her ear. But she looked exactly like you. There was a gasp and a buzz at our table. That’s Suzanne! 20 years ago!”

Hi suzy its me Frank by now you must have forgotten me , but every day I remember you while i sag my shaft and think about the time we had together.You get me so hot just thinking of you . if i had the power to make laws than I would have made a day under your name suzy day . sex goddess The tricks you use is so erotic and sexy delicious like you . I AM CUMMING down to Dickson this new year wanna start my new year with a doll like you .

Hello there Suzi, Hope I have the right email address. So how you been keeping, horny I hope as always well I have 8 days left in Timor as can’t wait to get home. Once I have fucked my wife silly Suzi I want to do the same to you, you just get me so hot just thinking of you. Do you own a strap on if you do I want you to fuck my arse and jerk my cock off at the same time… are the coolest lady around. I know that you are a very busy lady but would love to hear back from you…. god my cock is hard just from typing this email…..well take care sexy, I can’t wait to see your new “pussy facelift”!

Lots of kisses from Paul.

Suzi darling,

Regarding our Pool Party Next Monday Swimsuits at noon! This time we’ll pretend to be modest, shall we (LOL!!) Well, just to start with, anyway! Fashan parade. Thanks for arranging a private fashion parade outdoors beside the pool, modelling your sexiest swimsuits before we jump in. Please pick the most daring swimwear you’ve got, and then model each one in turn for me.High heels too, if you like!Suzi, lots of erotic tease an provocative posing please! You’ll have a most appreciative audience at the parade, so give it all you’ve got, and do make the most of your lovely breasts! I promise you a hot write-up for your website later! Can hardly wait to see you in your new yellow swimsuit, and also in the green one you’ve told me about. And do parade in any other really daring beach wear you’ve got! Hope they all cling closely just where it matters most! And when we jump in, wear the swimsuit that looks best when wet! sun protection I gladly accept your kind offer to rub sunblock very carefully all over every bit of me! And if you’d like me to rub some on you too, then I’ll happily oblige with a very loving touch! pool play If you have any favourite games (especially contact sports!) that you like to play in the water, Suzi please do teach me. I’ve already thought of one in which we lose our swimsuits. Like to play that one? If you’d like to read the rules of that game beforehand, then let me know and I’ll send you an advance copy by email. outdoor When we leave the pool to relax or to play adult games, let’s stay outside the house. I’m sure we can turn on a great show for our outdoors audience, real or imagined! afterword if you happen to be in the mood to enjoy a 3-finger internal massage while listening to a dirty story, then just have some lube handy and my loving hands are all yours! all set to jum on suzi The thought of being greeted at the door by you in your sexiest swimwear has already got me very eager to enjoy a raunchy poolside fashion parade and then to Jump in with Suzi In the meantime, I’d really love to hear any sexy ideas of yours for Monday’s pool party!

XXXXXXXX!!! Loving ALL of you!

Hi Baby…and is my favorite Aunty going….I was going to call you last Friday night as my wife stayed at her sister’s place that night…. I didn’t know what time you stopped you finished for the evening. I was going to ring around Midnight but thought it would be to late…….I would love to have another threesome with you…you know another lady apart from Marylin who could join us as my mum… cock is hard sitting here writing this email…still waiting for those pics…..I was so horny sitting at home on Friday nite all by myself….so i went to your web site looked at your pics at pulled my cock until I had cum all over me looking at your pic Aunty….Hope to hear from you soon, if you know another mature lady who would be interested in playing with us, invite her over!

Hi Aunty,

Thank you both for a wonderful afternoon yesterday. I couldn’t believe that mummy could suck cock that well….or you…..I loved it when you were fucking my arse with the vibrator…I think you did to…..I would have loved for you both to have sucked my cock at the same time….and watch you both kiss and eat each other out as well…..maybe next time. I look forward to hearing from you in the future…thanx for the pics.. they do look very hot…wouldn’t mind a nice hot pic of you aunty for my private collection… see you soon



Wow, what a great time this afternoon. Thank you , the loving just gets better. The injection takes a while to wear off and when I got out of the car at the shops on the way home, the semi erection was still showing through my shorts. Rather than being embarrassed I thought I will flaunt it HaHa. So I smiled at every lady I saw. xoxox


“Hi Aunty well only a few hours until I cum over to see you…fuck, I am glade Uncle is away so that I can cum over and worship you…. I have always desired you Aunty even when I am fucking my wife I can picture you… are so naughty….I know that you love to tease me. I can’t wait for you to have your pussy and arse on my face tasting your wet cunt juices.Do you like your arse to be licked as well as fucked……I would love my arse to be fingered licked and fucked by you……I use to love going through your bedroom when you weren’t there trying on your lingerie and playing with your toys and watching your dirty movies…….I bet you wish you always had son…so that you could teach him everything about sex….well in a way I think that you are my mum…:-))
Look forward to seeing you at 1230 today…you horny woman in stockings panties and bra and suspenders.
And yes I do love you aunty….xxxxxxxx

Suzi darling”


You are an extraordinary hostess. Right from our initial telephone call and initial meeting. You make one feel relaxed and at ease immediately. I most enjoyed the anti pasta you prepared and your excellent choice of wine. When you entered the room in your robe you were as I said earlier a stunning sight. Beautifully groomed well tanned and exposing just enough of your sensational body. The way you lay on the bed, engaged in conversation whilst sipping wine and rubbing my legs, balls and prick was heavenly but not as heavenly as you sucking my prick to full length and playing with my arse. The way you moved exposing your breast with those amazingly suckable nipples allowing me to stroke your well trimmed pussie was divine I was totally in a trance. The initial entry of my prick into that hot cunt of yours and the instruction to JUST FUCK was electric and boy did it feel fucking fantastic.

You have an incredibly big tight wet fuckable cunt.


Well Suzi, last week’s playtime was a wonderful way to finish off the summer season! Autumn beauty, lovely weather, the wildly erotic experience of being openly sucked off on that exposed park bench (to say nothing of the delicious wickedness of a quick, absolutely brazen, and very public fuck on the same bench, you naughty girl!), the walk home with straying fingers and hard cock through those lovely streets, bending over to pick flowers in the garden, and all the time anticipating the further pleasure which was still to come.
And indeed it did! But after all the excitement I was so shagged out that I really didn’t think I‘d be able to come. But you knew better, didn’t you Suzi! Your clever fingers performed such incredible magic around my cock and up my arse, bringing me to a shattering climax that I’d just never imagined possible! And you looked just so relaxed and happy after you’d come yourself. It really was a great day! Now, where do we go from there? In Canberra’s climate, the answer obviously has to be indoors for a few months!

Love John


Dear Suzi

Just a note to say thank you for the superb evening last Thursday.
You are certainly a stunning lady.
I must say however that I left in a bit of a blur, perhaps it was the wine, but I think you may have been angry with me for outstaying (?) my welcome. I plan to be back in Canberra within the next 10 or so days so perhaps I can make it up to you by taking you out for dinner – perhaps to that Thai restaurant you spoke so highly of.

There is no doubt that I can not remember having such a wonderful evening in a long time.