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When you wax the short-and-curlies from your sculpted package, do not expect a picnic. Yes it hurts and there’s no way around this! Quick is the most effective. I try to not go over the same spot more than twice, not to prolong the discomfort!. This seeming “ torture” is not long lasting! The feeling is like a bandaid being pulled off your leg. There is some irritation for the first day or so. This quickly goes away. Regardless, all that remains after a successful waxing is smooth, bump-free genital area and a three-finger-wide strip above your penis or none at all. Be diligent at returning for upkeep every three to four weeks, the recommended dosage for Brazilians This is what happens. Warm, sticky stuff is rubbed in the direction of the hair growth, immediately attaching itself to the hairs. A strip of muslin or paper is rubbed on the sticky spot. The wax adheres to the strip, and when the strip is torn off in the opposite direction of the hair growth, hair comes with it. The moment of anticipation before the strip is ripped away is possibly more painful than the actual sensation of hair being yanked from its roots (which is certainly no picnic).

But after a few minutes of relatively tame waxing, the endorphins kick in and it is quite common to feel a little high, giddy; The fullfiment of seeing all the hair that has been removed on the wax strip is quite rewarding!. This service involves a certain amount of nudity (on your part,) and some very embarrassing positions (think ankles behind the ears, and you’re almost there).